Natural (organic) linen agrocover

Linen agrocover is a natural, environmentally friendly and harmless non-woven material that perfectly spills air and moisture. Agrocover is of organic origin – it decomposes, naturally fertilises and enriches the soil.

Made from 100% linen fibers without any chemicals. The natural composition of the agrocover allows to create the comfortable microclimate for plants, accelerates their growth and increases the yield.

Linen agrocover protects from frost, can be used for both vegetable-gardens and greenhouses. In the early spring or late autumn, in the absence of snow, such agrocover works as a snow cover. Provides protection of plants from the frost in the winter – used to cover berry shrubs, flowers, decorative bushes, young trees, can withstand a thick layer of snow.

Agrodcover protects plants from insects, pests, birds, frost, rain. Smoothily cover the ground, do not requires additional fixing (resistant to wind gusts). The plants are planted in specially cut openings. Accumulates and maintains the moisture during the dry season, accelerates the growth of plants.

Used instead of mulch, helps in fight with weeds, reduces the using of herbicides and other weeds that inhibit the growth of weeds – the vegetable-gardens remain well-kept, and harvest is clean.