Insulation from linen non-woven material

Isolation slice put between wooden logs.

Linen insulation material put between logs during the building of wooden log houses, it used for sealing of gap spaces around the windows and doors as well.

The linen insulation material is produced from 100% flax fiber, which is plumped, cleaned, needled and as result the separate pieces of flax fiber knitted together into solid smooth non-woven material. During production process any chemicals don’t used, therefore the product is harmless.

The linen fiber absorbs and gives away the humidity (breaths), so the transportation and building works can be done at any weather conditions. It’s the unique feature of linen insulation material comparing to synthetic ones.

There is pleasant to work with linen insulation material – it makes the healthy work environment. The structure of flax fiber makes it more advantagable in working process comparing to other insulation materials especially if is need to seal the gap spaces around the windows and doors. The thin and sharp tools may be used, for example spatula or usual kitchen knife. It is easy to prepare the necessary work slice – it can be stretch as much as it need.

We produce the linen insulation material of various thicknesses. The insulation non-woven material is cut to slices of various width and packed into rolls. The width of slices – always according the customer’s  wishes.


Article Thickness, mm Composition
7L09 3 + 0,5 100% linen
7L15 6 + 1 100% linen
7L16 8 + 1 100% linen
7L21 11 + 1 100% linen
7L28 12 + 1 100% linen
7L17 15 + 1 100% linen
7L30 23 + 1 100% linen
7L20 20 + 1 100% linen